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I am a Docent In the California State Parks, Santa Cruz Mountains Division, as well as for the Semperviren's Fund.

Most of my time is spent in Big Basin/Little Basin, Rancho del Oso, and Butano Redwoods State Parks, though I do frequent Castle Rock and Henry Cowell, especially their Fall Creek Branch.

I do year round Flower/Ecology walks open to the public, the second Sunday of each month at Rancho del Oso, and the third Saturday (except May, when the Sempervirens Fund has it's birthday bash) and following Sunday of every month in Big Basin , as well as sporadic scenic hikes for the Sempervirens Fund.
Check this web site for walks available to the public and if I am doing my walks that month.

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Other sites with informative information and pictures I have contributed to;

Special Summaries (plant list and graphs), Banana Slugs, California specials, hiking and exploration

What is in bloom when on the Berry Creek Falls Loop

news/events/activities/Park Maps

Current list of offered activities in Bog Basin

State Park Web site for Big Basin

Cal Photo's


California Herps

*California Dragonflies aka California Odonata*

Bug Guide

Ticks of California

And for a short while, this site will still be around with a collage of last years favorite pictures

BREAKING NEWS!!! Results of Joan Zimmerman and Scott Peden's 7 year survey of the Berry Creek Falls, Banana Slug, Salamander and Flower counts, graphs, and flower calendar!

Chimera Redwoods website

Scotpeden (AT)

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